As an investigator of the consciousness, I study both inner and outer spaces from the auras that surround us to the levels of awareness within. Through this I make the invisible visible, I reveal the layout of the planes of thought and through the ambiguity I attempt to connect my viewers into a deep area of themselves.


I emerge myself in the present space, sitting or moving, allow my body to become transparent, open and extend my senses, so that I may become one with my surroundings. My consciousness continuously records. My memory takes in as much as it can. My collective unconscious is a swirling soup of cosmic ingredients.


Consciousness is integrated and dispersed. The more you know, the more you realize you do not know, thus you seek to continue to search. The common individual seeks to “know thyself.” Inner awareness is the root of everyone’s journey. I seek my art to be a compass for the viewer’s journey.


My process begins with a meditation directed towards the blank panel, gazing into nothingness. This allows me to be blinded outwardly thus project inwardly. During this period, my body becomes one with my surroundings and the auras charge within me. After a moment of stillness, I stir the air around me making movements with my arm, finding a rhythm and then begin. These beginnings vary from being quick bursts of energy to a more controlled, decisive approach.


Each painting is a different journey. My goal is to pause the journey at its peak so that the viewer may take the ready-made path and continue wherever they may like. I see the painting as a window of revealed awareness. The viewer gazes, sitting or standing, into the window of cosmic energy. Through this two-way stream of projections, the viewer continues their own journey within.