Banks Dixon of Frog Hollow Outdoors commissioned me to paint an artistic mural sign on the left side of the shop facing Trent Drive and Hillsborough Road. Frog Hollow is located at 614 Trent Drive , Durham NC 27705. They specialized in paddling and outdoor adventures.

The mural was to be painted on three 4' x 8' panels. Which had a faux wood texture. This material corresponded to the newly installed boat compound in the back of the shop. The panels were primed and delivered to Phelps Phine Art where they were painted. Due to the studio spacing and ceiling height, two of the panels had to be placed in an angle with back supports and the third place on it's side leaning against the wall. The two upright panels were to be a diptych style of the sign and the third was to be a giant frog. The project was executed where the panels were staged. Water Based Enamel paint and clear coats were applied.