Collaboration with Certain Seas

Certain Seas is a band created by Katharine Whalen (Vocals, Ukulele, Tenor Guitar) and Austin Riopel (Vocals, Guitar, Bass). More members include Nate Stalfa (Drums) and Danny Grewen (Trombone).

First Collaboration:

Certain Seas performed in the open alley in between Holland Street and Foster Street during Garden of Nude at Phelps Phine Art and Durham's 45th Centerfest on September 21st, 2019. Garden of Nudes: Paintings by Julian Phelps & Sculptures by James (Jim) Fatata.

Second Collaboration:

A few month after their performance at Garden of Nudes, Certain Seas created the music video "Goodnight" in Phelps Phine Art's "Walk in Depth" Black Light Installation. Katharine and Austin painted themselves and each other with body black light paint and wore all white in order to reflect more light. Katharine played the ukulele, wore a microphone head set, and tapped her foot on a tambourine. Austin played the acoustic guitar with his fingers with wet paint to apply to his guitar strings while he played. The music video was shot live on an iPad by Brian Carroll. 

Goodnight can be viewed at this link. This video was uploaded by Katharine Whalen, view her profile for more of her music.

Third Collaboration:

Certain Seas created another music video "For The Ride" in Phelps Phine Art. This took place in the front of the studio which was painted in all white, metal objects and lit candles were placed in the background with black lighting. The  black light was reflected by florescent painted and metal objects and the candles provided some reflection and separate consolidated balls of light. Katharine and Austin wore masks created by Phelps. The masks were made out of paper board, recycled plastic and paper towel rolls taped on using black Gorilla Tape. Then fluroescent paint was applied. The mask Austin wore had both white enamel paint and the white paperboard - it is noticed that the white paperboard is more reflective than the white enamel paint. The liquid he is sipping from is a cup of tonic water. Tonic water contains quinine which reacts to the utraviolet light causing it to glow.  Katharine is playing the ukulele and Austin is playing Phelps' Acoustic Guitar. The video was shot with an Ipad by Katharine and Austin. The video and music were two separate recordings. 

"For The Ride" can be veiwed at this link. This video was uploaded by Certain Seas, veiw their profile for more of their music.

During the exhibit Traverse Mindscapes & 3rd Year Anniversary "Walk in Depth" Black Light Installation 2019 (in collaboration with Andres Manring), Katharine and Austin visited to test out their body black light paint for the upcoming music video Goodnight,

These are pictures I took during the music video "Goodnight" shot by Brian Carroll. The video was performed live and shot in two takes.