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Phelps Phine Art is Julian Phelps who is an abstract painter exploring the mysteries in nature. I work through the mediums: enamel, oil & cold-wax, and mixed media. My artworks range from tiny to large on 2D & 3D surfaces, all hand-painted originals for affordable prices.

Within nature, I paint what you can see and depict what cannot be seen: floral & tribal designs, dreamy nature & critters, energy & movement.

My studio, Phelps Phine Art, is located in the beating heart of downtown Durham, in the

back entry of Durham Arts Place

305 East Chapel Hill Street

Durham, NC

Hours are usually Durham 3rd Fridays 6-9pm, downtown events, and by appointment - Please refer at the bottom of the page for current news. 

During studio openings, there is usually exterior art in the open alley in between Foster & Holland Street, then (literally) through a hole then another hole behind the brick wall is Phelps Phine Art Studio.

The front studio presents selected paintings, and the back studio is my ongoing Black Light Installation, "Walk in Depth." 

"Walk in Depth" is an immersive installation that explores mental and physical space through fluorescent painting and black lighting. Pictures are encouraged. Wear white/light colored clothing & you will glow!

It is ongoing and continuously transforming since November 2017.   



First Exhibition:

Feathers & Leaves

3rd Friday 6-9pm, 

47th Centerfest

Saturday 10am-6pm & Sunday 12-6pm

September 16th, 17th, & 18th


Feathers & Leaves are paintings based on fauna, flora, and the outdoors. The paintings will be presented in an unconventional way - burlap that was originally stretched and painted on hand built frames, removed, and then grommeted in corners. These range in sizes from 5"x20" to 30" x 40" using the mediums oil-based enamel, water-based enamel, and vinyl-acrylic and water-based acrylics on dyed and white burlaps. I used my Mystical Deco painting style to present birds, shrubbery, plant life, suns, moons, and stars. 


This will be my first exhibition (following "The Precursor") of 2022. This will be a three day event including Third Friday Art Crawl and the 47th Centerfest. Art will be hung outdoors in the Artsy Alley and inside Phelps Phine Art's Studio. The front of the studio will be the burlap paintings and some paintings of the past related to the subject. The back of the studio will be the ongoing black light installation, "Walk in Depth," which will include paintings for sale and added components. 


Phelps Phine Art

305 E. Chapel Hill St.

Durham, NC. 27701

(Back of Block)


The Precursor (of’22)

3rd Friday 6-9pm, August 19th


First Exhibition (of’22)

3rd Friday 6-9pm, 

47th Centerfest

Saturday 10am-6pm & Sunday 12-6pm

September 16th, 17th, & 18th


Spooky Funky iii

3rd Friday 6-9pm, October 21st


Walk in Depth

Black Light Installation

4th Year Anniversary

3rd Friday 6-9pm, 

Holiday Market 

Saturday 10am-6pm & Sunday 12-6pm

November 18th, 19th, & 20th


Procrastinator’s Holiday Market

3rd Friday 6-9pm, December 16th